Mike Pozorski was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Mike showed psychic abilities at a very young age, and this was recognized within his immediate family as he was growing up. Mike had known specific things about family members that had crossed over to the other side before Mike was even born, which was later validated from him. Mike also predicted events within his family that later came true further showing that Mike was indeed unique. While growing up, Mike maintained as normal of a life as possible while understanding that he knew, and sensed specific things about people. However, he would usually keep those thoughts to himself unsure of how to share and deliver the messages he received. Mike's family including his mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-aunt, all possessed a very strong psychic/intuitive sense, and it was encouraged for Mike to embrace his own psychic abilities and share this gift. 

In 2012 Mike began his personal and psychic transformation after meeting with Psychic, Monica Strong. Monica made it clear to him that he had the ability to connect people with loved ones that have crossed over using his Mediumship skills, and if Mike were to follow this path of Mediumship he would be able to help many people, and fulfill the journey he was meant to take. This work now allows Mike to share his abilities in order to comfort and give people a sense of peace in knowing that their loved ones are very much present, and still with them on a spiritual level. Mike is truly thankful to his father, mother, and sister, who continue to show him love and support of his unique abilities.

Mike currently resides in Manitowoc, Wisconsin where he is pursuing his life's work as a Psychic Medium.